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The 128 Business Council is a nonprofit public/private partnership formed to help reduce traffic congestion on Route 128 by providing alternative transportation services and information. We also work with state and federal transportation agencies on behalf of member businesses. We are funded by member companies that are committed to the economic vitality of the 128/West area.

The 128 Business Council was the first of Massachusett's regional Transportation Management Associations (TMAs). Since our inception in 1987, we have worked closely with employers and property owners in the Route 128/West region to "Keep 128 Moving."

This website contains information about our activities and the services we offer. Please browse the website and let us know if there is any way we can improve the quality of service that we provide.

Our History

The Council was formed in 1987 in response to a concern by some visionary leaders in the Route 128/West area. These businesses -- the Nelson Companies, GTE Laboratories, and Polaroid -- commissioned a Route 128 Corridor Traffic Study, from Route 2 to Route 20, at a cost of more than $100,000.

The initial companies enlisted then-Governor Michael Dukakis to work with businesses to help manage growth and ensure the future vitality of the 128 area. The Governor requested that one Council be formed to represent all member companies in the 128 area. Hence, the 128 West Transportation Council was born.

To reflect our rapidly growing activities and strong advocacy for our members, we changed the Council's name in 1996 from 128 West Transportation Council to 128 Business Council.


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